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FROM 41 TO 69 YEARS OLD, THEY'RE TUGGING & SUCKING FOR CUM! Brunette Dakota Riley, 41, and blonde Cali Houston, 48, tag-team a lucky guy. They take turns sucking his cock and balls, and at times, one's on his cock and the other's got balls in her mouth! Lin Boyde is a wrinkled, gray-haired 65-year-old swinger who talks dirty and sucks deep and sloppily. Her old mug gets creamed with cum and she greedily licks the leftovers off her fingers. Beautiful, big-titted, 69-year-old housewife Bea Cummins takes care of her man who's tired after a long day of work. She sucks his cock and tugs his load onto her face. Slutty, dirty-talking, big-titted swinger Rita Daniels, 62, absolutely devours her man's dick, sucking it down to the root and enjoying a well-deserved facial. Hot-bodied brunette MILF Tori Dean, 45, has her man finger her pussy, then she sucks his big dick deep and has him jack his cum onto her face. Karen DeVille, 51, is a mom and a wife. She's also a horny, big-titted, big-assed lady who shows off some serious cock-sucking skills. Jamie Foy, 41, is a small-town MILF who coaxes a big-time load into her mouth. She shows off her pussy and ass, jacks cock while looking at you and stuffs her mouth with dick like she's a porn star. Samantha Ray, a 43-year-old first-time, has long, blonde hair, long legs and a tight body. She jacks the cock and sucks it and milks a load onto her pretty face until nut sauce is dripping from her eyebrows and eyelashes. Voluptuous Carey Riley, a 41-year-old wife, is given a big, thick cock to suck on, and she sucks deep, taking it down to the root, making nasty, slurping noises while she's doing it, then stretches her lips with her fingers to the dude can fuck her mouth like it's a pussy. Lillian Tesh, 51, looks so sweet and innocent, but she sucks cock while looking into the camera, teases the guy with her wide-open pussy and asshole and takes a load of cum into her mouth. Models Starring in this Product Bea Cummins Rita Daniels Lin Boyde Samantha Ray Carey Riley Cali Houston Lillian Tesh Karen DeVille Tori Dean Jamie Foy

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