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When outlaw Rita Daniels rides into town, Marshall Jack Cannon pays her a visit. He wants her to turn in her sidearm. The town ordinance forbids the carrying of within city limits. Rita is not so accommodating to give up her rod until Marshall Jack takes his rod out of his pants for Rita to suck on. She devours him balls deep with lots of saliva and spit; a Rita trademark of blowing cock in the Wild-Wild West. Spicing matters up, Rita lights her cigar blowing smoke all over Marshall Jack's throbbing cock. The smoke permeates the screen in a sultry and seductive manner as it billows from Rita's cock-sucking mouth and surrounds the Marshall's steel shaft. It isn't long before Rita is teabaging Marshall Jack's heavy cum-laden balls. It is all the Marshall can stand before he plows Rita's hole with his rod. Rita is enjoying the law even though she is a nasty outlaw squirting all over Marshall Jack's cock. The action heats up as the Marshall pounds Rita's pussy while Rita rides his pony cock. It is a Western epic when Marshall Jack Creampies Rita's pussy hole. Rita is convinced that it pays to be a law abiding citizen which leads to Marshall Jack deputizing her as the new Sheriff in town 41 mINUTES

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