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Rita Daniels is touring England on holiday when she brings the tour guide, Big Johnny back to her hotel room. This is Rita's first time to London and she is determined to entertain a Brit. It doesn't hurt that she is smitten with Johnny's bedroom eyes. Entering the room, Rita shows Johnny her sexy lingerie that she wore hidden beneath her raincoat during the entire tour. Johnny is wowed. It is also his first time with an American girl; especially the mature sexy Rita whose huge tits mesmerize him. He quickly grabs and squeezes Rita's hooters. He is floored when she pops those boobies from of her bra. It isn't long before Rita is gobbling his cockney-cock with her honed blowjob skills. Get ready for lots of wet, sloppy and deep throat action as Rita gags on his big British cock. Johnny loves it and forces Rita's head down to his balls. Rita obliges by gagging all over his cock. There is plenty of wet sloppy saliva dripping from her mouth that she spits onto his glistening dick to get it ready to ram into her pussy. But wait, it doesn't stop there. Rita is in London where high tea is the tradition. Rita gets down to do her high tea-bagging on Johnny's balls. Does Rita want one lump or two with her teabaging as she begins a wild ball popping sequence to send Johnny to heaven. Johnny reciprocates by tongue lashing her sweet wet pussy. That does it for Rita. She wants his big cock in her pounding her deep and hard. Johnny gives her what she wants doggie style, then in the missionary position and finally cowgirl riding. He pumps Rita's hole uncontrollably. The fucking is an international union as Rita gets down to swallow Johnny's creamy British load. Johnny unleashes in her mouth and on her face. Rita is a true cum slut eating and playing and swallowing all his goo. Rita is one happy girl smiling with a face full of cum. Licks n kisses to this true international superstar! Length: 24 minutes

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