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Starring Rita Daniels and the Big Busted Claudia Marie................Rita and Claudia are doing an interview after a fun filled day of meeting and greeting fans at AVN. Their big boobs were fondled, squeezed, pinched. grabbed, hugged, man handled and massaged by their adoring fans. All that boob attention had them hot to trot. They thought a Shower would cool them off but they were happily mistaken. The warm Shower and soapy lather soon had them feeling each others big tits. Nibbling, sucking, biting and licking each of these massive boobs had them heaving in orgasmic ecstasy. From their sensual kissing it was only natural to take their bodies to bed to explore themselves as only another woman can. The kissing was seductively passionate while the tit sucking was nothing short of pure raw enjoyment. It wasn't long before they went down on each other devouring their pussies and asses. Tonguing those delicious recesses of sweet womanhood led to multiple orgasms. The 69 action led to squirting and the girls being over the top with one another. They were spent and you see it in their lovely ending embrace and glazed eyes.14 MINUTES

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